The Truth About the Lie

Insecurity is such a mean opponent. Exploiting our most vulnerable areas and memories…turning our teammates into our adversaries…dragging us down into a pit of pity and heartache because we know we are missing out on something great. But the great thing we are “missing out on”, and what is actually “great” are two different things. AND WE KNOW IT.

Deeply rooted in us is truth that our soul longs to believe, and a reality that we desperately desire to walk in. But we have buried the truth one spoonful at a time under lies that we aren’t enough or measure up enough, that we aren’t valuable enough or worth enough.

There are lies that our insecurities convince us are truths, and truths that our insecurities convince us are lies.

And sometimes, it’s worse because we know that what we think we are missing out on is an illusion or mirage, but we still desire to walk into that stock photo world as if it is reality. It is a choice. Don’t choose deception.

When we give into insecurity, when we cover up who we really are with a lie that we think people expect, it is like stepping into a mud bath. At first, it can feel warm and comforting as we dip our toes into the mud, or smooth it on over our “rough spots”. We sink our feet in deeper until we’re familiar with it. Relaxing our guard bit by bit. But eventually two things can happen.

As you begin to cover more and more of yourself in the muddy lies of insecurity, as you dip further and further in, you come to realize there is no foundation to push yourself up against. You let yourself slip so far from the truth that you lose your grip on the edge, and now you’re stuck. Or maybe you don’t want to dive all the way in, and are content to just smooth mud over a few places here and there. But ultimately that mud will harden, concealing the real you, leaving a stiff, yet fragile, shell.

In either case, an external force is needed to rescue and reveal the real you….the you that you were created to be!

Only you can know the depths to which you have allowed insecurities to cover up who God created you to be. And if you aren’t even sure, then there is only One that show you. If you are willing to bravely sit before your Creator and admit that you need to be rescued from the mess that believing a lie has gotten you into, He can and will reveal the truth of who you are. How enough you are. How worthy you are. How valuable you are.

You must be vulnerable to realize you are valuable.

King David penned these words in Psalm 139: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” This my friends is the truth that we know deep in our soul…the “great thing” that we miss out when we believe the lie of insecurity. We are wonderful.

Pause today with me today. Pursue God, our Creator. Ask Him to wash off the mud mask of insecurity, to pull you back from the middle of the pit that believing a lie got you stuck in. Ask Him to reveal to you how wonderfully you are made!

And then, instead of sinking into the mud pits of life, dive into the refreshing pools of grace, mercy, forgiveness and peace that only Christ can offer.

And if I can pray for you, please connect with me. I’ll be on my knees with you.

Leaning into Him,

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